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pianificazione-patrimonialeHeritage Planning

The transfer of assets can be a complex challenge, for this requires in-depth knowledge, experience and sensitivity to choose the most appropriate solution.

Usually we do not think, but their wealth built with difficult over time, or passed down from generation to generation, can be attacked by many factors outside of our control: health, divorce, business failure, family governance unsuitable and excessive taxation are all aspects that are affecting its assets.
There are many advantages to be gained from proper management and allocation of their wealth, considering their total family situation, economic and assets.

Artioli Gnoli & Partners offers its expertise and advice to develop the best methods, which take into account all the issues related to heritage planning, so as to protect wealth and place it away from all the possible risks that can result in loss of value of its assets.
The definition of a specific and personalized action plan, adapted and tailored to the needs of the customer, allows us to offer the best results, balancing protection of the asset value and personal will.