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Exclusively mandate of Alpenbank services, Austrian private banking based in Innsbruck and the Italian branch in Bolzano, makes possible:


The choice is not to use any product in its management of customer assets, relying only on excellence financial instruments.

Innovation and Customization

The attention of our managers is aimed at the selection of particularly innovative financial instruments and high potential, taking into account the financial situation of the client's investment objectives. The instruments chosen investing in sectors of the real economy with high added value, grafted in a positive regional impact logic. The personalized investment recommendations in a total portfolio logic are a hallmark of professionalism of our consultants.

Cross Border Banking

Cross Border Banling in Innsbruck, in order to regularly hold their assets abroad, reducing the country risk and diversifying the geo-political exposure of their investments.
You can manage it all from Italy, since the bank has the authority to act as withholding agent, thus eliminating the need of having to rely on a fiduciary filling the RW framework of the tax return.

Complete monitoring of all banking financial positions

Summary of all bank and financial position of the customer, in order to have a complete picture, eliminate overlaps of securities, funds or stocks, knowing at all times what the stock, bond and what that overall actual risk we are running.
Exclusive and complete reporting of all asset classes.