Artioli Gnoli and Partners


Investing in Art

The artwork is always more an object of investment, as well as a passion. In times of financial turmoil, the artworks of ancient and modern masters possess the characteristics to qualify as stores of value.

The estimate

Artioli Gnoli & Partners offers a highly specialized service of support in the management of works of art.
Assessment by qualified experts, using photographic and paper documentation or by presentation of the object, followed by expert and certified estimate.
Assistance in the sale or purchase of works of art, possibility of fiduciary mandate for art, management and development of a collection and supplementary purchases.
Care insurance aspects and of the appropriate conservation and restoration.

The management

Artioli Gnoli & Partners deals with the generational transition planning of the artistic heritage, through the establishment of foundations or the conferring of the collections in trust. It supports customers in the transport and storage of property.